Galaxy Championship 2023 Bodybuilding Competition Bratislava, Slovakia


The coveted & prestigious Galaxy Championship 2023 showcases supreme International Pro Card athletes in bodybuilding, physique, fitness, wellness, bikini, modeling that compete at the highest level in the fitness industry. Galaxy Championship 2023 accepts any Pro Card athletes men & women from all organizations to participate in the bodybuilding competition.

Top Prize Winning star athletes with sculpted physiques can earn: trophies, medals, cash prizes, endorsements, vehicles, vacations, luxury items.

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Galaxy Championship 2023 – Where All Pro Card Athletes Compete

Men’s Bodybuilding Galaxy Championship

December 14 — December 17, 2023

Fitness Galaxy Championship

December 14 — December 17, 2023

Physique Galaxy Championship

December 14 — December 17, 2023

Women’s Bodybuilding Galaxy Championship

December 14 — December 17, 2023

Galaxy Championship’s organizational mission is to promote health and wellness in 195 countries in the world today. The company encourages all Pro Card athletes to compete at qualifying events promoted by The Professional Muscles League:


“Every Pro Card Athlete becomes a Star at our prestigious Galaxy Championship 2023 Bodybuilding Competition”

Whether you’re a bodybuilder, fitness competitor, physique sculptor, bikini or body transformation aficionado; Galaxy Championship 2023 is your essential platform for achieving greatness.

The Galaxy Championship 2023 competition exhibits the industry’s finest athletes that have dedicated significant time and hard work to enhance their muscular fitness. The Galaxy Championship 2023 invites all Pro Card athletes to compete in the annual championship, however only Mr. & Ms. Galaxy will be crowned the very best in championship.

Witness the Crowning of Mr. & Ms. Galaxy 2023 at the Bodybuilding Competition

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All Pro Cards get access to exclusively compete in the Galaxy Championship 2023. Tickets for the prestigious show start at $149.99 USD. December 14 — December 17, 2023